Membership rules

Everyone is welcome to Tatry, however there are a few rules for all members.

To cover the expenses we charge a small fee for Tatry membership – £40 per term. This can be paid either by cash/cheque at a rehearsal or via a bank transfer. Discounts are available only on an individual basis for students, unemployed etc.

Every new person can come to three rehearsals for free to see whether folk dancing is for them. After this period you will be asked to fill in a membership form and start paying fees.

Our costumes belong to the group – we do not rent them out to individual people, but rather bring all of them to a performance and then bring all of them back to POSK. We ask all dancers to wash and iron their white shirts after performances. Please remember to write down which shirt you’re taking and bring it back as soon as you can.

All dancers must have their own white socks for when we wear kierpce. Girls must also have their own red ribbons for braids and white tights for some regions – check with Krysia or Aneta if unsure what you must bring. As a rule girls with short hair should get a wig or hair extensions, again check with Krysia before the performance how to do your hair, make-up etc. Ideally people with glasses should come to performances with lenses instead, but again, check beforehand with Krysia or Aneta.

After the performance as soon as you change into normal clothes don’t run away – help count the costumes and props and pack them up – it is our shared responsibility to make sure that nothing goes missing. Once everything is counted and ready to go back to POSK we can all celebrate the performance and enjoy the rest of the day.

Everyone can purchase a Tatry t-shirt or hoodie. Ask Leszek at rehearsals about sizes and prices.

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